Sunday, November 18, 2012

Present Tense of "be", Negative

"At the Railway Station" Edouard Manet, 1877

1. Tom tired, just hungry.

2. We teachers, students.

3. It cloudy, sunny.

4. The books on the table, on the shelf.

5. Janet just a singer, also an actress.

6. The buses on time, very late.

7. Our house very large, kind of small.

8. Those cars very expensive, cheap.

9. Mary Simpson at all lazy, very energetic and hard-working.

10. The tables ready. Where the chairs?

11. Jim just a carpenter, also an electrician.

12. The furniture just beautiful, also large and comfortable.

13. Don't go to that movie. It just boring, also much too long.

14. Bob and Sally just my neighbors, also my friends.

15. Peter and Dave just fast, also very strong.

16. Our president just intelligent, also very kind.

17. The birds just fine singers, also beautiful.

18. Ms. April just a secretary, also an excellent accountant.

19. That TV just over-priced, also too large for our living room.

20. My cat hungry, so going to feed her.

21. The flight just late, also canceled.

22. Professor Ann Hopkins just interesting, also very entertaining.

23. just angry at my bank, afraid of it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Verb "Be" in Present Tense

"Form and Light" by Oscar Bluemner, 1914

1. an intelligent person.

2. our classroom.

3. not home right now.

4. Nevada far from here?

5. at the camera store.

6. not at home. Please, leave a message.

7. our new secretary. Congratulations.

8. my car keys. Thank you for finding them.

9. The packages in front of your door.

10. a very intelligent student.

11. on the table.

12. at work. She'll be home soon.

13. a teacher at City College.

14. Are the at the house on Third Street?

15. expensive.

16. Los Angeles a large city.

17. an English teacher.

18. The salespeople very helpful. They will answer your questions.

19. 8:30 right now. The class is beginning.

20. not in Chicago yet. The plane is still in the air.

21. very good nurses.

22. These the wrong size.

23. My Mario Sanchez.

24. from Mexico.

25. five o'clock. We're going home.

26. The books in those boxes.

27. your pencils? No, they aren't.

28. closed on Mondays.

29. not home right now.

30. Are these windows clean?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Information Questions. Choose the Words.

"The Couple in Lace" by Max Ernst

1. the first class of the day begin?
It begins at 8:30am.

2. Mr. Evans doing?
He's writing a letter to his friend.

3. you like to go for vacation?
I like to go to the beach.

4. Roberto going home now?
Because he doesn't feel very well.

5. Mr. and Mrs. Jones usually eat dinner?
Around 6:30 pm or 7:00 pm. It depends on when they finish work.

6. the children to school on Mondays?
Their father takes them because their mother works early on Mondays.

7. are these? I found them on this desk.
I think they're Alan's books. He was sitting there.

8. the buses so slow this morning? I've been waiting for twenty minutes.
They're always slower on the weekend.

9. Maria know how to cook so well? Her piaya is excellent.
She's been cooking it since she was a child.

10. they leaving for Los Angeles?
Next Wednesday, I believe.

11. your children have to walk to school?
Not far. Only about four blocks.

12. the first thing you do when you get to work?
I drink coffee.

13. Mary and Steve do their laundry?
Once a week.

14. your neighbors trying to do right now?
They're trying to clean their car.

15. the first class of the day begin?
It begins at 8:30am.

16. that window?
It's three feet wide.

17. crying?
I'm crying because I'm sad.

18. your son go to school in the morning?
He has to be there at 8:00 am.

19. play tennis?
They play tennis in the park.

20. wash his family's clothes? Does his apartment building have a washing machine for the tenants?
No, it doesn't. He washes his clothes at the laundromat.

21. coffee do you like?
I like Nicaraguan coffee.

22. your two younger sisters?
Let me think. Silvia is 5 feet 3 inches, and Ana is 5 feet 4 inches.

23. doing? I don't want to disturb her.
She's reading right now, but I'll tell her you called.

24. Tom and Mary going this afternoon?
I don't know. They didn't tell me.

25. you usually get up every morning?
I usually get up around 7:00 am.

26. Jose come to class more often?
Because his work schedule changes a lot.

27. playing soccer with today?
They're playing soccer with their friends.

28. usually go after school?
She usually goes to the supermarket after school.

29. you like, the green one or the red one?
I like the red one.

30. does Maria have?
She has three children, two boys and one girl.

31. the capital of California?
It's Sacramento.

32. it begin to get cold?
It begins to get cold in November.

33. tennis players do?
They play tennis.

34. the Giants playing this weekend?
They're playing in Chicago.

35. your daughter like to dance with?
She likes to dance with her fiance.

36. I found this jacket yesterday.
I think it's Paul's jacket.

37. they naming their new baby girl?
They're naming her Ana.

38 there on your block, on your side of the street?
There are about ten houses, I think.

39. you usually have for breakfast, Carlos?
I usually have cereal with bananas and strawberries.

40. celebrate Christmas every year?
We celebrate Christmas on December 25th every year.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Present Simple Tense - Fill the Blanks.

"Casa Sobre El Puente" (House Over a Bridge)
1909, Diego Rivera

1. Tom every day from 9:00am to 5:00 pm. (work)

2. Tom and I work at 5:00 pm. (finish)

3. Mary to school four nights a week. (go)

4. She a Level Two class at Mission Campus.(attend)

5. her sister also to Mission Campus? (go)

6. Mrs. Wilson one dog and one cat. (have)

7. Both her dog and her cat bowls. (have)

8. My grandmother always me a tie for my birthday. (give)

9. Jule and Roger in San Francisco. (live)

10. they the bus to work or drive? (take)

11. I always carefully. (drive)

12. It always in January and February. (rain)

13. it ever in June in San Francisco? (rain)

14. Mr. Jones usually breakfast for his family on Sunday. (make)

15. After breakfast, they usually to church. (go)

16. Mr. Jones Monday to Friday? (work)

17. Our fall classes every August. (begin)

18. Our students from many different countries. (come)

19. Sylvia from El Salvador? (come)

20. The bookstore at 9:30 every Tuesday and Wednesday. (open)

21. Mario in the front row every day. (sit)

22. this class at 8:30? (begin)

23. These students always the lesson in their notebooks. (write)

24. Susan very clearly. (write)

25. John how to use a computer? (know)

26. David is a baker. He bread and cookies. (bake)

27. When Elaine English? (study)

28. She English Monday night to Thursday night. (study)

29. your children in the playground everyday? (play)

30. Yes, they in the playground every afternoon after school. (play)

Dialogue Workout A - Present Simple Tense Practice
Dialogue Workout B - Present Simple Continued

Monday, December 27, 2010

Present Progressive or Simple Present: Quiz

"The Card-Sharp With the Ace of Clubs" Georges de la Tour, 1630

1. The first class ____________ at 8:30 AM.
a. beginning
b. begin
c. begins
d. Begin

2. We're ____________ the present tense now.
a. studying
b. study
c. studing
d. Studies

3. Most of our students _____________ Spanish, but not all of them.
a. speaking
b. speaks
c. speak
d. are speak

4. I don't see Maria. ______________ on her cell phone?
a. She is talk
b. Is she talk
c. She does talk
d. Is she talking

5. They __________________ breakfast because they're in class now .
a. are eat
b. aren't eat
c. aren't eating
d. are'nt eating

6. The students often ___________ coffee between their classes.
a. drinking
b. drink
c. drinks
d. Drink

7. Maria sometimes ___________ her children to school before coming to class.
a. take
b. taking
c. takeing
d. takes

8. Our class ____________ an exercise at the Mission Language Lab website.
a. does
b. is doing
c. are doing
d. do

9. Yan Ching ____________ to write English very well.
a. know how
b. knows how
c. know how
d. knowing how

10. The second class ____________ at 10:30 AM.
a. beginning
b. begin
c. begins
d. Begin

11. _____________ you and Mario in Level Three or Level Four?
a. Do
b. Is
c. Are
d. are

12. We often _______________ writing and speaking in our classes.
a. practicing
b. practiceing
c. practice
d. are practice

13. Jose _______ ___________ today because he has a sore throat.
a. no record
b. isn't recording
c. don't record
d. don't recording

14. Even though ____________ right now, you shouldn't miss your class.
a. it's raining
b. it rain
c. it raining
d. is raining

15. Julio and Maria ________________ their books right now. They'll be back in just a few minutes.
a. purchase
b. purchaseing
c. are purchase
d. are purchasing

16. Excuse me, teacher. ________________! I'm listening to every word you're saying.
a. I'm sleep
b. I'm not sleeping
c. I no sleeping
d. I not sleep

17. My whole family _________ to church once a week.
a. going
b. are going
c. goes
d. are go

18. Someone ____________ to our conversation right now.
a. listening
b. listen
c. is listen.
d. is listening

19. My grandfather _____________ tomatoes every summer
a. grows
b. growing
c. is grow
d. grow

20. After the cat _____________, __________ .
a. eating, she sleeping
b. eats, she sleep
c. eats, she sleeps
d. eats, they sleeping

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paragraph Cloze Exercises

"Woman in the Garden" Claude Monet, 1867

Read the paragraph once. Then read the same paragraph again, but fill the blanks. Check your writing by looking at the original paragraph.

Maria is my very good friend. We grew up together, we went to grade school together, and we played a lot together. Now, I live in San Francisco. She still lives in Mexico. Even though we live far apart, we're still very good friends.

Maria is very good friend. We together, we to grade school together, and we a lot together. Now, in San Francisco. She still in Mexico. Even though far apart,
still very good

We write to each other very often. She writes to me letters about her life in Mexico. I write to her letters about my life in the United States. We never forget each other's birthdays. Last year, I sent her a new book about San Francisco. She sent me a beautiful scarf.

We to each other very often. She writes to about her life in Mexico. I write to her letters about in the United States. forget each other's birthdays. Last year, her a new book about San Francisco. She sent me a scarf.

1. Maria and I _______ still very good friends.
a. am
b. is
c. are
d. do

2. We _____________ to college together.
a. don't went
b. no go
c. didn't went
d. didn't go

3. We _____________ a lot together when we were kids.
a. played
b. playing
c. play
d. was play

4. ___________ she write to you very often?
a. Is
b. Do
c. Does
d. does

5. __________ you and Maria going to see each other soon?
a. are
b. Are
c. Is
d. Does

6. We __________ live in the same city now.
a. aren't
b. don't
c. doesn't
d. do'nt

7. She often __________ ________ letters about her life in Mexico.
a. writes me
b. writing me
c. write my
d. Writes me

8. What _______ _______ ________ you for your birthday last year?
a. did she sent
b. send did she
c. did she send
d. was she sent

9. __________ Maria live in San Francisco or Mexico City?
a. Is
b. Do
c. Does
d. Was

10. We never _____________ each others' birthdays.
b. forget
c. forgets
d. remember

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reading a Map, Giving Directions

Exercise One

1. The hospital is , between Maple Street and Elm Street.

2. The Bellview Hotel is the bakery.

3. The pet shop the butcher shop and the newsstand.

4. The department store the post office.

5. The flower shop is Grand Avenue and Elm Street.

6. Could you tell me how to get from the park to the museum? Certainly. Walk up Maple Street to Brighton Boulevard and . Brighton Boulevard, and you'll see the museum between the shoe store and the bakery.

7. I'm at the zoo, looking at the animals. Suddenly, I remember something. Quickly, I walk along Brighton Boulevard past Maple Street, to Elm Street, and turn left. I walk up Elm Street, and just before reaching Grand Avenue, I enter the store on my right. Where am I? I'm

8. We're at the flower shop. Can you tell me how to get to the candy shop from here? Sure. Walk along Grand Avenue to , and turn left. Maple Street, and you'll see the candy shop , the restaurant.

9. Excuse me. Is across from the park? Yes, it is.

10. Excuse me. Is the newsstand on Maple Street? No, It's

11. Can you tell me how to get from the bakery to the butcher shop? Sure. Walk along Brighton Boulevard to , and turn right. Maple Street, and the butcher shop, at the corner of Maple Street and Grand Avenue.

12. Is the courthouse next to the laundromat? Yes,

Exercise Two

1. The fire station is the TV station.

2. From the park, Maple Street, and you'll see the candy store on the right.

3. There aren't any nearby.

4. The airport isn't .

5. Could you tell me to the laundromat from here?

6. Please tell me what is way to get to the park?

7. The museum isn't next to .

8. The flower shop is on the corner of Elm Street and .

9. The university is across from .

10 The hardware store is the drug store and the Bellview Hotel.

Exercise Three. I am at the park, and I'm asking for directions to different places nearby.

1. Excuse me. Could you please tell me how to get to the airport from here?

2. Excuse me. Could you please tell me how to get to the post office from here?

Exercise Four. Mrs. Davis is at the laundromat, and she's asking for directions to different places nearby.

1. Excuse me. Could you please tell me how to get to the TV station from here?

2. Excuse me. Could you please tell me how to get to the hospital from here?