Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Simple Past Tense: Statement Form.

"The Race Horses" by Edgar Degas, 1881

Change the following sentences to the Simple Past Tense. Use the time stated in the drop down menu. Click on the drop down menu to check your answer.

1. I go shopping every day.

2. I play soccer every week.

3. She's throwing the ball to me.

4. They're asking me a question.

5. We work Monday to Friday.

6. They go to the beach on Saturday.

7. She makes snacks for her kids.

8. We usually get up early.

9. Jack takes the bus downtown every day.

10. It's always windy around here.

11. We eat dinner around 7 pm every night.

12. She sometimes buys sandwiches at the supermarket.

13. We're thirsty.

14. He will hurt his finger if he's not careful.

15. That dog is biting me.

16. She pays the waitress for the coffee.

17. Lisa always sings a beautiful song.

18. Lisa speaks very quietly.

19. He usually understands the teacher.

20. They always bet on a slow horse and lose money.

21. They're selling their house next week.

22. She's only sleeping four hours tonight.

23. Alan drives to work every day.

24. I'm teaching English now.

25. My new job is beginning a week from Monday.

26. We often light candles and hold hands.

27. Helen likes to swim in the ocean.

28. Jack often fights with his neighbors.

29. Angela is cutting her husbands hair today.

30. He's tired today.