Monday, March 29, 2010

Future Tense Practice with "going to"

Mount Whitney, California

Complete the following sentences. If typing is too difficult, try just saying the answer, then looking at the correct answer in the drop down menu.

1. I take an English class.

2. She studies French.

3. We have dinner together.

4. Tom and Steve play soccer.

5. Sally makes a delicious soup.

6. I take out the garbage.

7. The children swim in the lake.

8. They watch a movie on TV.

9. We meet the other students.

10. She visits her grandparents.

11. They visit the new museum.

12. He finishes his homework.

13. Marvin climbs Mount Whitney.

14. She walks home.

15. They purchase a used car.

16. They bring their friends to the picnic.

17. The plane leaves.

18. Sylvia is in Europe.

19. The students do their homework.

20. They go skiing.

21. We eat out.

22. They get up early.

23. Henry studies.

24. She drives to California

25. Gary wears his gray suit.

26. Mr. and Mrs. Chen paint their kitchen.

27. I fill out my income tax form.

28. My sister attends a meeting.

1 comment:

  1. What about a mixed test - using all the future possibilities: present progressive/going to/will/present simple.

    Chaya Eitan