Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Simple Present Tense

"Violin" by Pablo Picasso

Present action: Use Present Progressive (Continuous) Tense.
Routine action: Use Simple Present Tense.

Change the following Present Progressive sentences to Simple Present sentences. Use the time word in the drop down menu.

1. I'm talking to my friend on the phone.

2. He's planting flowers.

3. They're working at the office right now.

4. Maria is going to a party.

5. Mrs. Johnson is helping Susan with her homework.

6. He is speaking to them in English.

7. The plane is leaving for Europe now.

8. They're cleaning their shoes now.

9. We're mailing the paychecks to the employees.

10. The family is discussing the news of the day.

11. I'm writing a letter to my friend Victor.

12. You're bringing your notebook to class.

13. Steve is playing cards with his nephews.

14. The manager is taking the day off.

15. I'm watching a commercial on television.

16. Jose is playing soccer now.

17. The students are taking an exam now.

18. Martha is visiting the dentist.

20. The Giants are winning a game.

21. He's borrowing money from his parents.

22. She is driving her husband to work.

23. Jack is having dinner now.

24. The plumbers are finishing their work.

25. Wally is sitting next to Amber.

26. It's raining now.

27. Sonia is singing beautifully today.

28. Our business is making a profit.

29. We are learning new words in the class.

30. Our dog is barking at the mail person.

31. Sandra is playing the violin very well.


  1. Can anyone give me some explanation why "this morning" is not present but past?

  2. This is really declarative and well explained lesson. Thanks for sharing such a nice post about The Present Simple Tense.

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