Sunday, April 25, 2010

Subject Pronouns

"The Muses" by Maurice Denis, 1893

Please answer the following questions using the appropriate subject pronouns. You can check your answer by clicking on the "drop down menu" below the input field.

1. What are Mr. and Mrs. Parker doing?

2. Where are you and David going?

3. When do your children attend school?

4. Why do I feel so tired?

5. Are you and Tom coming to work tomorrow?

6. When is Maria going to Los Angeles?

7. Are the students registered for next semester?

8. When will the bookcases arrive?

9. Will it rain this afternoon?

10. Why are these lessons so difficult?

11. What sport does Jack usually play on Saturdays?

12. Where did I write her phone number?

13. What would you like to drink?

14. When are Evan and Julie getting married?

15. What will Steven be doing this evening?

16. Why are Mary and Sofia so happy?

17. Are my English books in your car?

18. How many times are you going to repeat the sentence?

19. Are your nieces visiting you this weekend?

20. What are you and your nephews going to do this summer?

21. What color did Lester paint your living room?

22. How often do Michael and Susan travel to Canada?

23. Why is Harvey late to work?

24. What will Julia sing at her concert tonight?

25. Why were the children upset after the movie?

26. How was the dinner?

27. When do you think you'll take an English class?

28. Is it very hot out?

29. What are you and Phil going to do this weekend?

30. Why does Hank have to leave class early?

31. Tell me what Alan and Sue did yesterday.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Negative Statements.

"Still Life With Lemons" by Francisco de Zurbaran

Change the following sentences to negative statements. For example:

I have a textbook.
I don't have a textbook.

1. His apartment has three bedrooms.

2. They're watching TV right now.

3. I see some oranges on the table.

4. My friends need reservations.

5. We will dance with those silly boys.

6. She's going to marry Steven.

7. We can visit you next week.

8. The dishes have been washed.

9. The closets are all full.

10. She mailed the letter yesterday.

11. She forgot her friend's address.

12. I would like some sugar.

13. The train is on time.

14. They'll be able to come tomorrow.

15. I drink coffee. Thank you.

16. The students sat in the same seats yesterday.

17. The weather was bad last summer.

18. We had a good time at Harry's party.

19. The drivers were very tired after the trip.

20. Steven will be mad at her for breaking their engagement.

21. The children did all their chores.

22. We're looking forward to the examination.

23. Pablo looks like his father.

24. This dinner tastes great. I want some more.

25. The workers were happy at the new factory.

26. You had time to come over yesterday.

27. These birds will fly north next summer.

28. Jim raises horses on his farm in Montana.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Information Questions.

"Cows in a Field" Georges Seurat, 1882

Information questions begin with an question word such as "What," "When," "Where," "Why," "Who," "Whose," "How," "How much," "How many," and so on.

In this exercise, the blank in the statement shows what type of information is missing. Use a question word to make the information question. You'll find the correct question and answer by clicking on the drop down menu. To save your work, copy it and paste it to your word processing software.

1. My name is ------- .

2. I went to ------- yesterday.

3. Maria gets up at ------ every morning.

4. She usually has breakfast at the -------- on the corner.

5. Tomorrow, I'm going to -------- .

6. They like to go swimming at the ---------- .

7. We'll be late this morning because ------- .

8. On Sunday, we met Mr. and Mrs. ------------ .

9. These pencils belong to ------------ .

10. I often ------- on Monday.

1l. Carmen didn't write her composition because ------- .

12. Tom was in ----------- all last week.

13. I went to Portland by --------- .

14. My house is about -------- from Mission Campus.

15. This book will be ------ dollars and ------ cents.

16. I'm going to take a --------- on my trip.

17. Mr. and Mrs. Green were in Miami last ----------- .

18. We played soccer last Sunday at --------- .

19. Julia is going shopping this afternoon because ------ .

20. It's going to rain from ---- to ----- .

21. We're very excited because ------- .

22. We're going to get to Italy by ------- .

23. David speaks ------ languages.

24. I woke up in the middle of the night because ------.

25. They'll have to leave class around ----- this morning.

26. This lap top computer belongs to -------- .

27. You will be interviewed by Ms. --------- .

28. The best way to learn English is -------- .

29. I put a lot of Art on my website because ------- .

30. This exercise has ------- questions.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yes/No Questions.

"Self Portrait on the Border Between
Mexico and The United States" 1932, Frieda Kahlo

Yes/No Questions are questions that require only a "yes", "no", or "maybe" response. These questions begin with the auxiliary verb. When asking a Yes/No Question, the intonation of the sentence should rise at the end.

Exercise. Please change the following statements to Yes/No questions.

1. Jack gets up early every morning.

2. They'll be here in a few minutes.

3. You're a qualified applicant.

4. She's a professional musician.

5. We'll have dinner out this evening.

6. They're coming over in a few minutes.

7. The carpenters are repairing the stairs.

8. The books are on the top shelf.

9. She's going to visit Rome next month.

10. The students have the textbooks.

11. They'll write compositions this weekend.

12. He has several new chairs.

13. Mary likes the movie theater on Third Street.

14. It's raining very hard right now.

15. Jack saw an interesting TV program last night.

16. You enjoyed yourself at the party last weekend.

17. This handbag belongs to you.

18. I swam faster than usual a few minutes ago.

19. This tootpaste tastes okay.

20. The cats are getting hungry.

21. She wrote a letter to her mother yesterday.

22. Steven comes from New York.

23. These flowers are still very fresh.

24. She threw the ball over the fence.

25. Mr. Robinson taught the past tense last week.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Future Tense with "Will".

"The Two Mannequins" by Giorgio de Chirico, 1915

For the future time, you can use "going to" or "will".
When you use "will", you can use a contraction between the subject pronoun and "will". Sometimes, the sound of the contraction sounds like another word. When two words sound the same but are spelled differently and have a different meaning, they are called "homonyms"

I will = I'll - homonym: "aisle" row in a supermarket or church.
He will = He'll - homonym: "heel" back of the shoe or foot.
She will = She'll - sounds like "shield" without the "d"
It will = It'll - sounds like "little" without the "l"
You will = You'll - homonym: "Yule" an older word for "Christmas"
We will = We'll - homonym: "wheel" round object for a car.
They will = They'll - rhymes with "fail", "sail", but use "th"

Example: Did you fix the sink?
No, but I'll fix it tomorrow.

1. Did you mail the packages?

2. Did Maria go out with Charlie?

3. Did the website open?

4. Did Jim and Tom leave for Canada?

5. Did I receive my medication?

6. Did the students hand in their homework?

7. Did the teacher talk about the future tense?

8. Did the rain stop?

9. Did Maria see the new movie?

10. Did Jerry and Louise see each other last year?

11. Did Mrs. Jones, our employer, give us a raise?

12. Did the janitors finish the sixth floor?

13. Did Mr. Smith call the office?

14. Did Max feed the cats?

15. Did you and Maria plant the roses?

16. Did the children do their chores?

17. Did you and Jim go to the park?

18. Did Mary clean off the table?

19. Did Helen find the book you need?

20. Were you and your wife tired after your flight?

21. Are you able to meet with us now?

22. Did they pay their bill?

23. Is the meeting over?

24. Are the children asleep?

25. Is the classroom full?

26. Did John write an email to you?

27. Is the bank closed?

28. Are you hungry?

29. Did they remodel your house?

30. Are you tired of this exercise?

Your comments or questions are welcome.