Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Future Tense with "Will".

"The Two Mannequins" by Giorgio de Chirico, 1915

For the future time, you can use "going to" or "will".
When you use "will", you can use a contraction between the subject pronoun and "will". Sometimes, the sound of the contraction sounds like another word. When two words sound the same but are spelled differently and have a different meaning, they are called "homonyms"

I will = I'll - homonym: "aisle" row in a supermarket or church.
He will = He'll - homonym: "heel" back of the shoe or foot.
She will = She'll - sounds like "shield" without the "d"
It will = It'll - sounds like "little" without the "l"
You will = You'll - homonym: "Yule" an older word for "Christmas"
We will = We'll - homonym: "wheel" round object for a car.
They will = They'll - rhymes with "fail", "sail", but use "th"

Example: Did you fix the sink?
No, but I'll fix it tomorrow.

1. Did you mail the packages?

2. Did Maria go out with Charlie?

3. Did the website open?

4. Did Jim and Tom leave for Canada?

5. Did I receive my medication?

6. Did the students hand in their homework?

7. Did the teacher talk about the future tense?

8. Did the rain stop?

9. Did Maria see the new movie?

10. Did Jerry and Louise see each other last year?

11. Did Mrs. Jones, our employer, give us a raise?

12. Did the janitors finish the sixth floor?

13. Did Mr. Smith call the office?

14. Did Max feed the cats?

15. Did you and Maria plant the roses?

16. Did the children do their chores?

17. Did you and Jim go to the park?

18. Did Mary clean off the table?

19. Did Helen find the book you need?

20. Were you and your wife tired after your flight?

21. Are you able to meet with us now?

22. Did they pay their bill?

23. Is the meeting over?

24. Are the children asleep?

25. Is the classroom full?

26. Did John write an email to you?

27. Is the bank closed?

28. Are you hungry?

29. Did they remodel your house?

30. Are you tired of this exercise?

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