Monday, April 19, 2010

Negative Statements.

"Still Life With Lemons" by Francisco de Zurbaran

Change the following sentences to negative statements. For example:

I have a textbook.
I don't have a textbook.

1. His apartment has three bedrooms.

2. They're watching TV right now.

3. I see some oranges on the table.

4. My friends need reservations.

5. We will dance with those silly boys.

6. She's going to marry Steven.

7. We can visit you next week.

8. The dishes have been washed.

9. The closets are all full.

10. She mailed the letter yesterday.

11. She forgot her friend's address.

12. I would like some sugar.

13. The train is on time.

14. They'll be able to come tomorrow.

15. I drink coffee. Thank you.

16. The students sat in the same seats yesterday.

17. The weather was bad last summer.

18. We had a good time at Harry's party.

19. The drivers were very tired after the trip.

20. Steven will be mad at her for breaking their engagement.

21. The children did all their chores.

22. We're looking forward to the examination.

23. Pablo looks like his father.

24. This dinner tastes great. I want some more.

25. The workers were happy at the new factory.

26. You had time to come over yesterday.

27. These birds will fly north next summer.

28. Jim raises horses on his farm in Montana.

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