Sunday, April 25, 2010

Subject Pronouns

"The Muses" by Maurice Denis, 1893

Please answer the following questions using the appropriate subject pronouns. You can check your answer by clicking on the "drop down menu" below the input field.

1. What are Mr. and Mrs. Parker doing?

2. Where are you and David going?

3. When do your children attend school?

4. Why do I feel so tired?

5. Are you and Tom coming to work tomorrow?

6. When is Maria going to Los Angeles?

7. Are the students registered for next semester?

8. When will the bookcases arrive?

9. Will it rain this afternoon?

10. Why are these lessons so difficult?

11. What sport does Jack usually play on Saturdays?

12. Where did I write her phone number?

13. What would you like to drink?

14. When are Evan and Julie getting married?

15. What will Steven be doing this evening?

16. Why are Mary and Sofia so happy?

17. Are my English books in your car?

18. How many times are you going to repeat the sentence?

19. Are your nieces visiting you this weekend?

20. What are you and your nephews going to do this summer?

21. What color did Lester paint your living room?

22. How often do Michael and Susan travel to Canada?

23. Why is Harvey late to work?

24. What will Julia sing at her concert tonight?

25. Why were the children upset after the movie?

26. How was the dinner?

27. When do you think you'll take an English class?

28. Is it very hot out?

29. What are you and Phil going to do this weekend?

30. Why does Hank have to leave class early?

31. Tell me what Alan and Sue did yesterday.

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