Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yes/No Questions.

"Self Portrait on the Border Between
Mexico and The United States" 1932, Frieda Kahlo

Yes/No Questions are questions that require only a "yes", "no", or "maybe" response. These questions begin with the auxiliary verb. When asking a Yes/No Question, the intonation of the sentence should rise at the end.

Exercise. Please change the following statements to Yes/No questions.

1. Jack gets up early every morning.

2. They'll be here in a few minutes.

3. You're a qualified applicant.

4. She's a professional musician.

5. We'll have dinner out this evening.

6. They're coming over in a few minutes.

7. The carpenters are repairing the stairs.

8. The books are on the top shelf.

9. She's going to visit Rome next month.

10. The students have the textbooks.

11. They'll write compositions this weekend.

12. He has several new chairs.

13. Mary likes the movie theater on Third Street.

14. It's raining very hard right now.

15. Jack saw an interesting TV program last night.

16. You enjoyed yourself at the party last weekend.

17. This handbag belongs to you.

18. I swam faster than usual a few minutes ago.

19. This tootpaste tastes okay.

20. The cats are getting hungry.

21. She wrote a letter to her mother yesterday.

22. Steven comes from New York.

23. These flowers are still very fresh.

24. She threw the ball over the fence.

25. Mr. Robinson taught the past tense last week.

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