Sunday, May 2, 2010

Object Pronouns

"Pilgrimage" Salvador Dali, 1921

Please choose the correct object pronoun from the first drop down menu. The second drop down menu contains the answer.

1. We gave a new cell phone for his birthday.

2. It was their anniversary, so we took out for dinner.

3. Jessica is an excellent but inexperienced worker. Should we hire ?

4. Your car won't start, but don't worry. We can fix

5. The students need extra help, but we have a tutor who can help

6. Jim Jensen is one of the best plumbers in town. Let's call
right away.

7. Sylvia likes flowers, so I'm going to give a flower vase.

8. We would like to be here early tomorrow. Is it possible?

9. The players on our team practice every day. We need to encourage
a lot.

10. Do you have a hammer? No, I don't. Ask Steve. He might have

11. Their retirement party was very nice. Their daughter gave
tickets for the symphony.

12. When you're finished with the tools, please put

13. I'm looking for a good, inexpensive English class. Do you know where I can find

13. If you don't need those books anymore, please return them to

14. These chairs aren't comfortable enough. We need better

15. Oh, my God! All these library books are overdue! I forgot to take back to the library.

16. The cats are very hungry. We should feed right away.

17. Are there any good Italian restaurants in this town? Yes, you'll find a good on Twenty-fourth Street.

18. The boss really needs to work overtime today, but we're very tired.

19. You should keep the good paper bags, and throw the torn
in the recycle bin.

20. The corks in these wine bottles are stuck. I can't pull

21. Bob and Mary are getting married soon. What should we give
for a wedding present?

22. Watch out! That floor is very wet and slippery. We just mopped it. Don't walk on right now.

23. If you're finished reading those newspapers, I'd like to borrow if you don't mind.

24. Steve asked Judith to go out on a date, but she doesn't like
very much.

25. We trusted our state senators a lot, but unfortunately, they lied to
about the education budget.

26. Your exam scores are very high. I'm quite pleased with

27. I haven't seen Jennifer in a long time. Have you? Yes, as a matter of fact, I saw yesterday.

28. Before she dropped her kids off at school, she kissed both of

29. The teacher lent pencils to me and

30. Mary is going to the movies with this evening.

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