Monday, May 3, 2010

Possessive Adjectives

"Woman with Bouquet" Mark Chagall, 1910

Please choose the correct possessive adjective from the first drop down menu. Check your answer with the drop down menu after the end of the sentence.

1. Steven has to take car to the repair shop today.

2. Maria and David are planning to have wedding in July.

3. Are you and your brothers and sisters going to work at father's store this year?

4. Whose dog is this? Is it yours? No. It isn't dog.

5. We are going to visit relatives in New York.

6. Does Marvin do laundry every Monday?

7. Are you going to meet parents at the airport tonight? What time does plane arrive?

8. Nancy and I are having a party at house to celebrate Mother's Day.

9. David has a new back pack. new back pack can hold a lot of things.

10. Mario and Wilma are in high school. older brother goes to college.

11. My family has a back yard. back yard has a lot of flowers.

12. Judy is wearing a very pretty dress. dress is blue and red.

13. The teacher asked the students not to use cell phones in class.

14. Ms. Lopez showed us new bracelet today.

15. Edgar wasn't in class today because mother took him to the dentist.

16. I have two younger sisters. names are Silvia and Angela.

17. Amy and Jake took little sister to school today.

18. This isn't wallet. I don't have these credit cards.

19. What happened? My car is missing two of tires.

20. Is that car? No, the one next to it is mine.

21. Mary's husband had to stay home because they didn't have a babysitter to take care of children.

22. This website belongs to us. It's website.

23. You must not park car next to a fire hydrant.

24. We should give this umbrella back to Maria because it's umbrella.

25. Robert is married. wife is an accountant.

26. Janet is coming to the party by herself. boyfriend can't come because he's sick.

27. That's laptop computer. I bought it yesterday.

28. They live on the other side of the street. That's house, the large green one.

29. That's a very nice family photo. Is sister Helen the one wearing the yellow dress?

30. If you're confused, you should read the grammar book. explanations are easy to understand.