Thursday, May 6, 2010

Possessive Pronouns

"On the Meadow" by Mary Cassatt, 1880

A possessive pronoun represents both the person possessing something and the thing he/she possesses.


Whose ring is this?
This ring is mine. (in other words, "This is my ring.")

1. I don't think this classroom is We must go to a different one.

2. You should finish your vegetables. I finished

3. These boxes have Jack's and Susan's names on them, so they must be

4. Tom's cell phone is at home, so this one couldn't be

5. No, no, those aren't our children. are at school right now.

6. They know that dog's name very well because it's

7. Our package was delivered today. will be delivered tomorrow.

8. You're welcome to borrow my bicycle, but please remember that it's not

9. Which car should we drive to Sacramento, yours or

10. Alan and Ana both have cars. Which of those three cars is Is it the red one on the corner?

11. No, no. The red one on the corner is

12. I'm using my ladder, but you should talk to Jeff. I'm sure he'll be happy to lend you

13. Mr. and Mrs. Parker have a vacant apartment. Why don't you see if you can rent

14. Dave is at his computer right now, but Maria isn't. You may be able to use

15. Dorothy and I will be feeding the neighbor's cat. We could also feed

16. This magazine probably belongs to Evan and Rachel. It certainly isn't

17. We're using our lawn mower right now. But the neighbors have one also. You should see if you can borrow

18. My watch is more accurate than Ruth's watch. Or, do you think is more accurate?

19. Jason's piano has a better sound than the school's piano. Or, would you rather play

20. I found my wallet, but Louise is still looking for

21. Whose note book is this? I found it yesterday. Is it Jim?

22. Fred and Alice have completed their homework, but Maria hasn't completed

23. I don't have my ticket and Mr. and Mrs. Steven don't have either.

24. All of those babies are beautiful, but which one of them is Your baby is the one with the biggest smile.

25. If you can't borrow Judy's cell phone, you're welcome to use

In the following video, you can review the difference between the possessive adjective and the possessive pronoun.

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