Friday, May 14, 2010

Practice with Present Progressive.

"Girl on Sofa" by Marc Chagall, 1907

Use the words to make sentences in Present Progressive Tense. Use contractions if possible. Use capital at the beginning of the sentence and a period at the end.

1. I/go/to work

2. he/listen/to the radio.

3. Maria/write/a composition

4. the students/play/soccer.

5. we/drink/coffee now

6. the plumber/fix/the sink

7. we/dance

8. you/step/on my feet

9. he/hike/in the forest

10. the children/play/at the playground

11. it/rain

12. we/drive/to Oakland

13. she/live/in San Francisco

14. Julia/answer/the question

15. the students/listen/to the explanation

16. the workers/arrive/at the office now

17. they/fill out/the application form

18. the bus/come

19. the train/stop

20. the store/sell/the books

21. I/write/an exercise.

22. she/eat/lunch

23. the teachers/have/a meeting

24. it/wear out/too quickly

25. we/speak/English very well

26. the teenagers/swim/in the lake

27. it/start/to rain very hard

28. our team/win/the game


  1. Very good sentences, John Robinson.

  2. really helped me thanks

  3. So easy in a very helpful way, I am enjoying it.

  4. I like that but it was easy.