Saturday, May 15, 2010

Verb Form Spelling Practice

Fill the blanks with the correct form of the verb and check your answer by clicking on the little box to the right of the blank.

1. He's his dinner right now. He'll call you as soon as he finishes. (eat)

2. Amalie is in the first row. It's too close to the screen. (sit)

3. When is the new restaurant ? (open)

4. I give up! The fish aren't today. (bite)

5. The school is still new students. (admit)

6. Are you English or Mathematics? (study)

7. The room attendants are the floors right now. (mop)

8. Wait a minute! Aren't you something? (forget)

9. Mary can't talk to you right now. She's the flowers outside. (water)

10. Are you these sentences in your notebook? (write)

11. Your children will be ready in a minute. They're on their clothes now. (put)

12. Hurry and take your seats. The show is . (begin)

13. I guess Mary is for dinner. (stay) She's off her coat. (take)

14. We're our jeans because we're going to an informal party. (wear)

15. Why is Jack ? (smile) He's a raise. (get)

16. Are you keeping something secret from me? You're to your brother. (whisper)

17. The students are to a story from Voice of America. (listen)

18. She sang beautifully. That's why the audience is so loudly. (clap)

19. We're the windows because it's starting to rain. (shut)

20. I'm for the bank now. I used to be a salesman. (work)

21. Steve can't talk to you right now. He's the sink. (fix)

22. Our plane is in Chicago for about an hour. (stop)

23. Are you on American Airlines or United? (fly)

24. We're in New York at 7:35 AM. (arrive)

Mr. Bean is sleeping. Describe his actions as he wakes up and gets ready to visit the dentist.

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