Thursday, August 26, 2010

Present Negative Helping Verbs

"The Phantom Wagon" Salvador Dali, 1933

Use: "isn't", "aren't", "doesn't", "don't"

1. James a very good singer.

2. He sing very well.

3. His voice coach think he uses his voice correctly.

4. Mary cook every night. Her husband sometimes cooks.

5. Marvin like to go fishing because the lakes have very many fish.

6. Steve and Tom very good painters.

7. They paint very well, but they're good carpenters.

8. Alan enjoy working overtime, but he needs the cash.

9. Money grow on trees.

10. He usually home on weekends and he have a cell phone.

11. Sally is happy. She have to work on weekends.

12. She a good skier, so she like to go skiing. However, she skates very well.

13. Harold like to skate even through he's a good skater.

14. They need their tools today. They working until Monday.

15. These photographs clear because I have a very good camera.

16. Steve work on Wednesdays, but Thursday his day off anymore.

17. The students have to pay for the class, but they need books, and the books cheap.

18. My sister like to go bowling because she a very good bowler. She'd rather watch.

19. Evan like to write articles. He a very good writer. But he wants to learn.

20. Does Silvia like to act in plays? No, she . She a very good actor.

21. These TV shows very good. The actors remember their lines.

22. Our shower working and I know any good plumbers.

23. My son know how to fill out the form and there anyone who can help him.

24. It raining now. It usually rain in August.

25. Those chairs belong here. Please, take them to Room 405. That room have enough chairs.

26. Ronald have to finish his work today. There enough trucks for the products.

27. Several employees have their pay checks. Joanne still have hers.

28. I tried to call the employer. He in his office. His secretaries there either.

29. Those four houses have garages, and there any parking spots on the street.

30. Why Arnold like to play tennis? Because he a very good tennis player.

31. Those books sell very well because Wally a very good book salesman.

32. Ana walk to work because her new shoes very comfortable.

33. It difficult to learn a language, but it takes a lot of practice.


  1. Mrs. Brown's Hillsborough Community College students -- EAP Grammar II -- homework practice.

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