Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Infinitive and Simple Past

"The Seranader" Jean Antoine Watteau, 1715


A: Is Mary going to sing a popular song for us tonight?

B: No, she isn't. She sang a popular song for us last night.

Fill the blanks in the following similar conversations:

1a. Are you going soccer this week?

1b. No, I'm not. I soccer last week.

2a. Are you going the Present Tense today?

2b. No, I'm not. I it yesterday.

3a. Is Patty going ice cream tonight?

3b. No, she isn't. She ice cream last night.

4a. Is David going English this Saturday?

4b. No, he isn't. He English last Saturday.

5a. Is Mary going a letter to her friends today?

5b. No, she isn't. She a letter to her friends yesterday.

6a. Is Steve going fishing this Sunday?

6b. No, he isn't. He fishing last Sunday.

7a. Are you going TV together tonight?

7b. No, we aren't. We TV together last night.

8a. Is Susan going her grandparents this afternoon?

8b. No, . She her grandparents yesterday afternoon.

9a. Are you going spaghetti this week?

9b. No, . I spaghetti last week.

10a. going downtown this weekend?

10b. No, I'm not. I downtown last weekend.

11a. Is your father going scrambled eggs this morning?

11b. No, . He scrambled eggs yesterday morning.

12a. Is Mrs. Johnson going flowers this spring?

12b. No, she isn't. She flowers .

13a. Is Charlie going his room this week?

13b. No, he isn't. He his room last week.

14a. Are you and your family going Disneyland this year?

14b. No, . We Disneyland last year.

15a. Are Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins going a new car this fall?

15b. No, . They a new car last fall.


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