Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Past Tense of Irregular Verbs

"Portrait of a Lady with a
Spindle Basket"
by Pontormo 1516-1517

1. The movie at 7:00. You missed the first half hour. (begin)

2. Jack several holes in his yard. He want to plant trees. (dig)

3. Wilma several letters to her friends this morning. (write)

4. We the dogs and cats before we left on our trip. (feed)

5. Tom the toy we gave him last Christmas. (break)

6. He shouldn't have another glass of wine because he already three glasses. (drink)

7. They the green carpet because it goes better with their walls. (choose)

8. We in a very slow bus. That's why we're late.

9. I our company's new director. She's very intelligent. (meet)

10. The ground violently during the earthquake. (shake)

11. James his old blue shirt to work. That was a mistake. (wear)

12. It was a terrible accident and I about it for a long time. (think)

13. The walls were very strong. They the force of the storm very well and didn't fall down. (withstand)

14. Mary in love with Steve at the lake last summer. (fall)

15. Roger his pants while we were running through the woods. (tear)

16. We our dog how to sit and shake hands with people. (teach)

17. The forty-niners a few games last season. (win)

18. After the wind storm, I the sidewalk in front of our house. (sweep)

19. The teacher will be glad because I my notebook to class today. (bring)

20. When I about my friend's accident, I was very upset. (hear)

21. The ducks towards us very fast because we put bread in the lake. (swim)

22. She that she enjoyed the flowers Steve gave her yesterday. (say)

23. It was a windy day so we a kite.(fly)

24. He his car to the park. (drive)

25. She under the sofa so her mom couldn't find her.

26. Our teacher us about dinosaurs in class today.

27. The cup fell off the table and (break)

28. He very angry when the other kids teased him.

29. I asked him to sit down, but he just by the door. (stand)

30. She the baseball and got a home run. (hit)

31. He hurt his hand when he down. (fall)

32. He away his toys and cleaned his room. (put)

33. It us a long time to memorize the irregular verbs. (take)

34. My father up at four o'clock and couldn't go back to sleep. (wake)

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