Thursday, August 19, 2010

Present Progressive or Simple Present?

"Sun and Life" Frieda Kahlo, 1947

Fill the blanks with the subject and the correct form of the verb in the parenthesis. Use the Present Progressive for actions in the present or near future. Use the Simple Present for routine actions or true facts.

1. in San Francisco in a few minutes.
(The plane/land)

2. usually their laundry on the weekend. (They/do)

3. coffee every morning before work. (I/drink)

4. her coffee right now. She'll be here soon. (She/drink)

5. Roger isn't available. to a customer. Can he call you back later? (He/talk)

6. sometimes class because he has to work. (Steve/miss)

7. the news on TV every evening at 7:00 pm. (Maria/watch)

8. In San Francisco, a lot in January and February. (it/rain)
often town over the weekend. (we/leave)

9. an interesting story in class today. (we/read)

10. always at 8:30 am. (Our class/start)

11. Frank has a bad cold. medicine for it. (He/take)

12. in downtown San Francisco three days a week. (Sally/work)

13. I'm busy. at the health club all afternoon. (I/swim)

14. a movie tomorrow morning. Would you like to see it? (The teacher/show)

15. never dessert because she's trying to watch her weight. (She/have)

16. important visitors to our office this afternoon. (We/meet)

17. many letters to customers daily. (She/send)

18. I'm busy. a report about the distribution of our product. (I/write)

20. me a lot. I appreciate it because I'm a new employee. (They/help)

21. sometimes that they can't understand our pronunciation on the phone. (Customers/complain)

22. Right now, this website to improve our pronunciation. (we/use)

23. The performance now. (begin) Ann to sing a very popular song. (get ready)

24. Listen to that applause! because Ann sang very beautifully. (The people/clap)

25. The audience is leaving now, but still about Ann's performance. (they/talk)

26. her plants every other morning. (Susan/water)

27. at everyone because he hopes they'll vote for him. (He/smile)

28. after a mouse, but I don't think she'll catch it.(Our cat/run)

29. The doctor works from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. patients all day. (She/see)


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