Thursday, September 16, 2010

There's, There are

"Tavern in St. Cloud" Edvard Munch, 1890

Exercise One - There's, There are

1. two bedrooms in this apartment.

2. an elevator.

3. a bus stop nearby?

4. any small grocery stores.

5. any buses after 1:00 am.

6. a garage in the building?

7. a bathtub in the bathroom?

8. No, a bathtub, but a shower.

9. a view?

10. Yes, .

a very nice view of downtown San Francisco.

11. four rooms in the apartment.

12. a fireplace in the living room?

13. How many sinks in the kitchen?

14. tiles in the bathroom.

15. any windows in the small bedroom?

16. How many electrical outlets in the kitchen?

17. a dishwasher in the kitchen? No, .

18. a very nice dining room in the apartment.

19. any windows in the dining room?

20. How many counters in the kitchen?

21. a washing machine in the basement? Yes,

Exercise Two - it, its, it's, are, is, there, they're, their, them, my

1. The cat likes to lick fur. The dogs don't like food.

2. almost noon. I want to eat lunch.

3. These shirts nice. I'd like to try on.

4. from China. native language is Chinese.

5. a good car. engine is top quality.

6. are several restaurants on this street. very good.

7. very cloudy today. I think going to rain.

8. This job difficult, but very interesting.

9. These vegetables delicious. How did you prepare ?

10. Those carpenters excellent, and not too expensive.

11. This pie delicious and too sweet.