Thursday, October 28, 2010

Partitives and Non Count Nouns

"Winter Scene" by Rob Gonsalves

1. I need two bread.

2. She needs three bananas, but only one of broccoli.

3. How many apples do you want?

4. There are four quarts in one milk.

5. There are a eggs in one carton.

6. They need two lettuce. They're going to make a salad.

7. This vegetable soup is delicious. I'd like one more your vegetable soup, please.

8. I'm a gardener. I always bring a couple of water when I work outside.

9. There are 32 ounces in a tomato sauce.

10. How much is your ? It's $4.39 a loaf.

11. At La Taza you can get a good coffee for $1.50. I recommend it.

12. I'm going to make a big dinner for my friends. I need three rice.

13. One box of cookies isn't too expensive, but I want two cookies.

14. Mary usually has two of cereal for breakfast.

15. John sometimes has a orange juice with his lunch.

16. Would you like one or two ice cream for your dessert?

17. There are two milk in a half gallon.

18. We're going to barbecue some hamburgers, so we need a couple of ketchup.

19. Two ice cream equal one quart of ice cream.

20. I need about four hamburger meat for the barbecue I'm planning to have.

21. We'd better buy a jam because a peanut butter sandwich without jam is a little too dry.


  1. Thank you for very good blog about English Grammar. It's very nice.

  2. question number 1. I need two loaves of bread .... Can I change to " two slices of bread" ???