Saturday, October 2, 2010

Using the Base Form or the Infinitve

"Train in the Country" Claude Monet, 1870

In English, the base form of the verb is its simple form.
Examples of base forms are as follows: "play", "cook", "stay",
"work", "make", "be", "do". Notice that there is no change in
this form: no "ing", "s", or "ed". Use the base form after
modals (will, can, must, might, should, would, may). Also,
use the base form in sentences with do, does, and did.

In English, the infinitive is always "to+verb". Examples of
infinitives are as follows: "to play", "to cook", "to stay",
"to work", "to make", "to be", "to do". Use the infinitive after
many first verbs, but not modals. First verbs that are followed by
infinitives are: want, like, be going, have, ought, know how,
plan, forget, remember, need, decide.

In the following sentences, supply a base form or an
infinitive in the blank. You will find the answer in the
drop down menu.

1. I want soccer with my friends. (play)

2. I can't to class tomorrow. (come)

3. Mary needs her doctor tomorrow afternoon. (see)

4. Tom must until 8:00 pm tonight. (work)

5. The students are going about infinitives this week. (learn)

6. You shouldn't too much about the exam. It's for your benefit. (worry)

7. We're going a story about Roberto Clemente next week. (read)

8. Did he finally a place for children to learn about sports? (build)

9. I don't early every morning. (get up)

10. Could you please me how to get to Oakland from here? (tell)

11. The landlord wants you a better apartment in this building. (show)

12. The workers couldn't the piano. It was too heavy. (move)

13. If it rains, the streets will very wet. (be)

14. They decided the house on the corner of 14th and South Van Ness. (buy)

15. Do you want to music or watch TV? (listen)

16. John has class early in order to get to work on time. (leave)

17. The plane will in San Francisco in just a few minutes. (arrive)

18. They might to Canada for their vacation, or they might to Mexico. (go)

19. We'll in Canada for a couple of weeks. Then, we'll to Iceland. (stay, travel)

20. The new library can't a larger collection of books than the old library. (hold)

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