Monday, December 27, 2010

Present Progressive or Simple Present: Quiz

"The Card-Sharp With the Ace of Clubs" Georges de la Tour, 1630

1. The first class ____________ at 8:30 AM.
a. beginning
b. begin
c. begins
d. Begin

2. We're ____________ the present tense now.
a. studying
b. study
c. studing
d. Studies

3. Most of our students _____________ Spanish, but not all of them.
a. speaking
b. speaks
c. speak
d. are speak

4. I don't see Maria. ______________ on her cell phone?
a. She is talk
b. Is she talk
c. She does talk
d. Is she talking

5. They __________________ breakfast because they're in class now .
a. are eat
b. aren't eat
c. aren't eating
d. are'nt eating

6. The students often ___________ coffee between their classes.
a. drinking
b. drink
c. drinks
d. Drink

7. Maria sometimes ___________ her children to school before coming to class.
a. take
b. taking
c. takeing
d. takes

8. Our class ____________ an exercise at the Mission Language Lab website.
a. does
b. is doing
c. are doing
d. do

9. Yan Ching ____________ to write English very well.
a. know how
b. knows how
c. know how
d. knowing how

10. The second class ____________ at 10:30 AM.
a. beginning
b. begin
c. begins
d. Begin

11. _____________ you and Mario in Level Three or Level Four?
a. Do
b. Is
c. Are
d. are

12. We often _______________ writing and speaking in our classes.
a. practicing
b. practiceing
c. practice
d. are practice

13. Jose _______ ___________ today because he has a sore throat.
a. no record
b. isn't recording
c. don't record
d. don't recording

14. Even though ____________ right now, you shouldn't miss your class.
a. it's raining
b. it rain
c. it raining
d. is raining

15. Julio and Maria ________________ their books right now. They'll be back in just a few minutes.
a. purchase
b. purchaseing
c. are purchase
d. are purchasing

16. Excuse me, teacher. ________________! I'm listening to every word you're saying.
a. I'm sleep
b. I'm not sleeping
c. I no sleeping
d. I not sleep

17. My whole family _________ to church once a week.
a. going
b. are going
c. goes
d. are go

18. Someone ____________ to our conversation right now.
a. listening
b. listen
c. is listen.
d. is listening

19. My grandfather _____________ tomatoes every summer
a. grows
b. growing
c. is grow
d. grow

20. After the cat _____________, __________ .
a. eating, she sleeping
b. eats, she sleep
c. eats, she sleeps
d. eats, they sleeping


  1. A good quiz, especially for students learning English. Still, it's no harm for us natives to brush up on our language also! Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Very Excellent Quiz, Keep it Up !

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  4. Very good quiz I like it.

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