Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Verb "Be" in Present Tense

"Form and Light" by Oscar Bluemner, 1914

1. an intelligent person.

2. our classroom.

3. not home right now.

4. Nevada far from here?

5. at the camera store.

6. not at home. Please, leave a message.

7. our new secretary. Congratulations.

8. my car keys. Thank you for finding them.

9. The packages in front of your door.

10. a very intelligent student.

11. on the table.

12. at work. She'll be home soon.

13. a teacher at City College.

14. Are the at the house on Third Street?

15. expensive.

16. Los Angeles a large city.

17. an English teacher.

18. The salespeople very helpful. They will answer your questions.

19. 8:30 right now. The class is beginning.

20. not in Chicago yet. The plane is still in the air.

21. very good nurses.

22. These the wrong size.

23. My Mario Sanchez.

24. from Mexico.

25. five o'clock. We're going home.

26. The books in those boxes.

27. your pencils? No, they aren't.

28. closed on Mondays.

29. not home right now.

30. Are these windows clean?