Sunday, November 18, 2012

Present Tense of "be", Negative

"At the Railway Station" Edouard Manet, 1877

1. Tom tired, just hungry.

2. We teachers, students.

3. It cloudy, sunny.

4. The books on the table, on the shelf.

5. Janet just a singer, also an actress.

6. The buses on time, very late.

7. Our house very large, kind of small.

8. Those cars very expensive, cheap.

9. Mary Simpson at all lazy, very energetic and hard-working.

10. The tables ready. Where the chairs?

11. Jim just a carpenter, also an electrician.

12. The furniture just beautiful, also large and comfortable.

13. Don't go to that movie. It just boring, also much too long.

14. Bob and Sally just my neighbors, also my friends.

15. Peter and Dave just fast, also very strong.

16. Our president just intelligent, also very kind.

17. The birds just fine singers, also beautiful.

18. Ms. April just a secretary, also an excellent accountant.

19. That TV just over-priced, also too large for our living room.

20. My cat hungry, so going to feed her.

21. The flight just late, also canceled.

22. Professor Ann Hopkins just interesting, also very entertaining.

23. just angry at my bank, afraid of it.